June 2015 Spotlight

Cait Dirany
Mrs. Dirany is an extremely dedicated teacher. She truly cares about each and every one of her students, and it is evident in the way she communicates arespects each child. She is able to challenge each student at his/her level and find ways to assure each one is successful in achieving individual goals. She deserved recognition for the high standards she holds for her students. Mrs. Dirany is constantly determined to get the best from her 7th grade ELA students through class discussions and modeling. Her students are always working to improve their reading and writing skills through class novels, short stories, news articles, and independent book reports.

Mrs. Dirany uses the Chromebooks and many Google apps effectively and efficiently in her classroom. In her small group classes, she uses various strategies to teach her students. She is open and willing to try new things and creates an environment that makes her students feel comfortable and confident. For all of these things and more, Mrs. Dirany deserves the teacher' spotlight for the month of June.

Thank you for all your hard work for the students of Pohatcong. Your commitment to student growth, achievement and success is evident and again, congratulations!