May 2015 Spotlight

Dave GaryMr. Gary shows his commitment to our school and our students on a daily basis. Whether he is working with a BSI group or an enrichment group, Mr. Gary meets the needs of his students. He is constantly finding unique ways to challenge students at their level, evident in the amount of student growth observed by all students he works with.

Mr. Gary is not afraid to take risks or try new things in the classroom. He regularly attends optional professional development sessions to try to learn new things. He has shown a commitment to using Google Apps and finding apps for the ipads that help support the students needs in both math and reading. Mr. Gary has also found ways to integrate STEM activities that tie in with his mathematics lesson.

When a new resource is shared, it is almost immediately tried in his classroom. His students are always excited to go to his room and many parents report that their child always come home with stories of not only what they did in Mr. Gary's class, but what they learned. We appreciate all his hard work and dedication to our students here at Pohatcong!!