NJDOE Data Regarding District Status

2014 School Performance Profile

Please note the college and career readiness section of the performance reports is based on attendance and percentage of students who are enrolled in algebra.  All absences except religious holidays and Take Your Child to Work Day count toward attendance. Absences for illness, hospitalization, a death in the family, or a family vacation do not count as an excused absence.      Although we improved in our attendance, we did not meet the target but decreased from 8.2% to 7.3%   and overall students attended 96% of the possible days.


The algebra information is incorrect.      25% of our students were enrolled in Algebra, which exceeds the goal.  However, the DOE only calculated the students who were enrolled at Pohatcong’s algebra program.  We have contacted the DOE to notify them that their calculation is not correct and that they did not include our 8th grade students who were enrolled in honors algebra 1 at the high school.    


If you have any questions about the School Performance Report,  please contact Diane Mandry or Chris Kavcak. 

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