April 2015 Spotlight

Mrs. Ramsey is a teacher at our school that possesses many qualities that make her deserving of the teacher’s spotlight. She is innovative in her classroom, always seeking ways to engage her students in the Spanish speaking culture and language. One can't walk by her room without hearing songs, chants, and skits. Students truly enjoy her class and her enthusiasm for teaching and learning certainly does not go unnoticed. Mrs. Ramsey’s dedication and creative lessons were evident in her "Carnaval" assembly, allowing her students to explore and interact with the cultures and traditions they learned about. It was an AWESOME event. Mrs. Ramsey looks for the best in her students, striving to give them support and ample opportunities for them to do their best.

Mrs. Ramsey is dedicated to our school and committed to the success of our students. She has played an integral part in assessing student growth in reading by administering reading assessments, which is out of her normal teaching responsibilities. Not only does she provide the results to the teachers, she adds valuable insight to assist in students’ learning. Her efforts have helped our school assess our instructional programs.

Although it was out of her comfort zone at first, she volunteered to be the adviser of the STEM club. During the meetings, she eagerly gets involved and shares information she has learned and tried with colleagues. Our STEM club and Family STEM night would not have been possible without her hard work, time, and effort. Lastly, she regularly brings her ideas to Mr. Kavcak with suggestions on how Pohatcong can infuse things that she has learned in her graduate program.

You can tell she cares deeply for the Pohatcong community, including students and staff, through her dedication and school involvement. It is easy to see she loves what she does. Her positive attitude is contagious and is a joy to work with. Congratulations, Mrs. Ramsey, our “Teacher’s Spotlight” for the month of April.