March 2015 Spotlight

Mrs. Santini
Sarah was asked to be one of the teachers for our LLD program at the end of last year and she has worked extremely hard to create a successful program for two students that everyone knows in our school (and school community). She has their best interest at heart and works to implement a program that will better prepare them for life outside of the school building. Taking the initiative to institute a trip to the Hills House and organizing the activities they will do there shows her dedication to the students. The skills they are developing are remarkable, useful, and she truly has made a difference in their lives.

Sarah is also works hard to help 7th grade students succeed in ELA and Social Studies. She is always making modifications and working with her in-class support students to ensure that they are prepared and can experience success. The strategies she uses with these students proves to be highly effective, and motivates the students to take pride in their work. Sarah gets all of her students to try their best and she is never concerned about being in the spotlight. However, I think more people should be made of aware of the difference she makes to our school and the students. She is deserving of being in the "Teacher Spotlight"!

Thank you for all your hard work for the students of Pohatcong. Your commitment to student growth, achievement and success is evident and again, congratulations!